About Us

Shaptha Swarangal started in the year of 2000 with 70 students, founded by Mr. M.K. Balamurali to educate music, classical dance, crafts and fine arts. By 2013 more than 4000 students were educated from shaptha swarangal. School education only up to the importance of the high-level and high-level education for life after, it does not give a hand. Our education system targets only for high marks, the bitter truth is that students do not support the general knowledge of the self. In the mood to sing capacity excludes other talents outside demands aimed Music, paratam, Painting and Fine Arts, including the general knowledge of, and it's about the awareness, proper quality training should be a noble aim.

In the past nine years, about 3,000 students in ikkalaikal students, who have gone through training. Erode circle music, dance and art institutions in the field of training for this entity has retained the top spot.

Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition will be conducted every year at erode by shapthaswarangal on October 2nd Gandhi's Birthday, to ensure the students drawing skills For more information click here

108 Veenai

108 veenai festival will be conducted every year at erode by shapthaswarangal to make people more comfortable with our traditional musics instruments For more information click here

Music Tour

Dr. Balamurali Krishna Students learning carnatic music have a chance to met Carnatic Legend Dr. Balamurali Krishna at his home.

Play Back Singer T.M.Sounderrajan explains How our body energy will be used, while we sing. It helps students to improve their singing skills.

Cartoonist Madan Students who are interested drawing and learning the art of drawing, had a chance to met Cartoonist Madan at AVM Studio, Chennai.

Music Director Deva With awesome & Warm welcome Music Director deva welcomed students and shared his life experiences.

Padma Sri. Gopal Nath People call Padma Sri. Gopal Nath as Saxophone expert. He explained how our carnatic music has been treat in western countries.

Music Director Deena He blessed students to success in the career.

Kalashetra Students had a chance to see "Panjali Sabatham".

Alka G Ajith At very small he has attained peak popularity and we had a chnace to hear his song "santhana katre"

Chinna Ponnu Folk fame chinna ponnu sung song "nakka mukka" and "Traditional songs" for us.